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Sandakphu trek - a trekker's dream come true

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About the Sandakphu Trek

The mesmerizing beauty of Sandakphu trek is a haven for the tourists of the world. It is a dream place for the trekkers. It is situated in Darjeeling. Sandakphu is the highest peak in the state of West Bengal, India. Tourists from all over the world make the Sandakphu trek, a part of India Tour. A huge part of visitors of Darjeeling take part in Sandakphu trek. Sandakphu is a place from where you can see many mountain peaks of the world. You can take a view of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga and many other  peaks of the surrounding countries like Nepal, Bhutan. The attraction of the Sandakphu trek lies here.

The beauty of the Sandakphu is mesmerizing. Various types of wonderful flowers like rhododendrons, spruce and orchids flooded the area. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the flowers here. The uniqueness of this area is that you can find the more than 600 varieties of orchids here. It is the highest collection of orchids in a single area.

The Sandakphu trek begins from Manebhanjan, a small place situated in Darjeeling district. You can reach the spot from Bagdogra airport.

Preparation for the Trek

There are so many India tour packages, and you can be a part of any one of them. Prepare for the journey and if you are a newcomer then must have a registered guide. Sometimes you can take help from an India tour operator. As already stated the trek begins from Manebhanjan. You can start your dream trek from the office of the forest department at Manebhanjan.  One important thing is that you should make yourself prepare  for the permission that you actually need. Most trekkers reach Manebhanjan one day before the onset of the journey and take rest to start the journey early next morning.

  • You can join various trekkers teams also to enjoy the captivating beauty of the place. If you are a new trekker, then you may come across  many different surprises throughout the route. Throughout the journey, you can explore the hidden beauty of nature that is waiting for you.
  • The first morning you begin your journey to reach Tumling. The journey from Manebhanjan to Tumling is a memorable journey. The journey gives you a feel of approaching towards a dreamland. Next, you can reach your next destination Meghma - a place full of thick clouds. You can feel the existence of the clouds; it seems you can touch them. You need to be aware of the fact that torrential rains can make your journey more difficult. So prepare for the best alternative to avoid the difficult situation.
  • Next destination should be Kalipokhri. After reaching this destination, you can discover the wonders that are ready to be a part of your journey. The beauty of the snow white mountains are the best parts of heaven on this earth that you want to enjoy.
  • From Kalipokhri, you can start the last part of your trek to reach Sandakphu.  The journey is a long one, but after reaching your dream destination you can feel the utmost satisfaction that you have desired for so long.

So prepare a list to spend a holiday in Darjeeling and watch the beauty of Sandakphu trek. And for the outsiders, they should prepare to spend a holiday in India.

Email us now even if you have just thought of planning a holiday and leave rest on us to give your imagination a shape and take it forward from there.


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