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Booking Tips

Here are a few simple booking tips to be kept in mind, while booking your holidays. They can not only save you from any hassel but can also be pocket friendly and would ensure you enjoy your vacation to fullest.

  1. Plan early- The sooner you plan for your holiday the better rates you get

    If you have holidays coming up and planning to move out, then make sure you contact your travel agent at the earliest. Let them know of your plans so that they can search out some early bird discount schemes for you. Not only airlines but also the hotels have some good rates to offer to its guests who book early. As the airline seats and hotel room starts filling up there may be chances the rates go up.

  2. Define the budget for your travel

    You should always have a clear idea of how much you are willing to spend on your holiday and apprise your travel agent of the same. This will help them to pick the services, hotels, destinations etc accordingly and hence save you time and money.

  3. Gather your documents

    There are certain documents that required if you are planning to travel within the country or outside. If you are traveling within your country, you should always have some sort of photo id proof which may be asked for during the check-in at hotel or during security checks. Similarly if you are traveling abroad, your passport must be valid for some specific time (varies depending upon the country you intend to travel). Check for all the documentation and get it done well in advance.

  4. Read all the information thoroughly

    Once your travel agent presents you a travel plan, go through each and every point thoroughly. Make sure you understand what is included and what is not in your package, the services that you’re paying for and the services for which you have pay directly. Understand the payment and cancellation options too so that you can plan for any rescheduling / cancellation by incurring lowest cost possible.

  5. Blocking and confirming the services

    Once you find the travel plan as per your needs and requirements, get the services blocked in advance. This blocking ensures that the services are on hold for you and you could do this by paying a small token amount as informed by the agent. This ensures that no matter if the airfare/ hotel decide to change its rates later on, you will not have to pay extra for the services you confirmed.

  6. Inform your travel agent about any changes in your plan

    In case you plan to modify your plan, inform your travel agent at the earliest, so that they can look out for the best alternative in the shortest time possible and can save you from spending more.

These are few simple tips if you keep in mind while planning your holiday, it can enhance your joy of traveling to many folds.

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