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Sela Pass - where history meets romance

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Sela Pass is one of the most famous tourist spots in India, which attract a large number of tourists in every year. Sela Pass is very well known as a Buddhist city located in the district of Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. This hilly region is surrounded by many magnificent lakes which have enhanced the beauty of Sela pass. To be more precisely Sela Pass is the main tourist attraction of Tawang. The Exquisite Sela Pass is situated 13700 feet above from the sea level. It is said that if there is any place that best describes nature and it beauty, then it is Sela Pass. There is a beautiful story behind the invention of this place and besides this; there is a tale of tragedy- a story of unsuccessful love.

Story behind the foundation of Sela Pass

There is an amazing story behind the invention of this place. Tawang derives its name from two words. Ta which means horse and Wang mean green pastures. According to the belief of the locals, in the 17th century, there was a Tibetan Monk named Mera Lama, who saw a beautiful horse roaming here and there in the valley. He got attracted to that horse but could not find the horse. He found a beautiful place while searching for that horse and that place is now Sela pass which connects Tawang with the rest part of India. Mera Lama, the founder of Sela Pass, built a beautiful Buddhist Monastery. It is said that the Sela Pass is surrounded by 101 lakes which have different types of religious significance. Being situated at high altitude this place is full of snow maximum time of the year. This is why this part of the Himalayas is a favorite place of the Buddhists.

A Tragic romantic story

Though the place was founded by one Buddhist monk, there is a tragic love story which unfolds the history of this place. The location of Sela is very important. This is why this place has been the favorite place of armies.

There was a local girl named Sela, who loved an Indian army named Jaswant Sing Rawat. This Indian soldier fought against Chinese alone for three days during the Indo-China war in the year of 1962. Sela was appointed to provide water and food time to time to him. Sela's father betrayed Jaswant Sing Rawat and caught by Chinese. It is said that Sela committed suicide by jumping from the hillock after seeing his dead body. Jaswant was awarded the Maha Vir Chakra for his bravery. After this incident, this place was named by the name of that local girl Sela. This is why it is said that the Sela Pass is the place where history meets romance. If you ever go to visit the Sela Pass, you will realize that every place dictates a story of love, bravery or betrayal.

You will be amazed after seeing the surroundings of the place. You will find a great combination of mountains and lakes along with the essence of Buddhism, which will help you to stay cool and calm. You will find a complete peace of mind.

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