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Looking for Snow Leopard in the Rumbak Valley


Do you wish to spend some time with wild animals? If you want to enjoy the snowy beauty of mountain ranges, then leave behind all your worries and spend a very good time with Snowy leopard at Rumbak Valley. The snow leopard trek is considered to be the most adventurous trip that you can do in Ladakh, which gives the close view of the Rumbak Valley where you can see the actual home of snow leopard, bears, eagle and many rare wild animals.

It’s a very calm place and the peaceful land with full of beauties. Ladakh is a very famous tourist spot that forms an important part of North India tour, and if you are in Ladakh, you should visit Rumbak valley which is considered to be the best place to see the Snow Leopard. It’s the only national park in India which provides you the facility to enjoy the leopards in the Himalayan ranges.

Best time to Visit

  •  Rumbak Valley welcomes guests all the time, but if you really want to enjoy the thrilling sensation and enjoy watching snow leopards then winter would be the best time.
  •  December and January are the two extreme cold months in Ladakh, where the temperature varies from – 25 degree to + 6 degrees.
  •  December to March is the peak season when you can enjoy the lovely snow fall at the white ranges of mountains and spot the exceptional species of Snow Leopard which can be seen only in Rumbak valley.

Trek to Snow Leopard

  •  If you love to do trekking then the Ladakh Snow leopard trip is the must visit place for you, this trip is the most realistic trip you can enjoy at Himalayan ranges which is known as the 2nd highest mountain in the world.
  •  You can spot the snow leopard in its natural habitats and none of the other places will let you enjoy watching free leopards.
  •  Snow leopard can be best seen during winter and it is seen in the Hemis National Park, which is spread across the valleys of Markha and Rumbak. It covers 600 sq. km and is highly protected for its endangered species.
  •  Snow leopard can be seen in the dense forest of Rumbak valley which is mostly covered with snow during winter.

Ladakh is one of those rarest places which covers the most northern part of India and separates it from other neighbor countries at the same time. It’s also known as a great tourist spot. In spite of having so many international issues, the place and the attractions of Ladakh have been able to get the attention of tourists worldwide. The beautiful mountains which are covered by snow provide shelter for many rare species of earth like a snow leopard. This peaceful place which is enriched with natural resources helps this leopard to be the part of our ecosystem and to live their life in the best atmosphere. The snow leopard is such a rare breed of leopard that is found in very selective places in the whole world. This species of leopards is known for their beautiful white color which you can find in the hilly areas of Rumbak Valley.

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