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The Zanskar River in Winter (Chadar Trek)

TrekZanskarRiver By Bodhisattwa (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Chadar Trek is a famous trek in India.  The famous ‘Chadar Trek’ is the ice layer of the Zanskar River in Ladakh. The Zanskar river is located in Jammu and Kashmir. This river is a tributary of the Indus River. The word ‘Chadar’ indicates the ice layer on the river. Here the river is Zanskar River. Trekking on the ice layer of the Zanskar River is called the ‘Chadar trek.' In winter, the trek is performed on the frozen river of Zanskar. The beautiful river looks amazing in the summer season. And in winter the ice layer of the river is a great attraction of north India. You can see this beautiful and famous ‘Chadar trek’ if you take part in North India tour.

About the Trek

Chadar trek is known for its scenic beauty in winter season. Tourists from all over the world participate in this beautiful ‘Chadar trek’. The best time for this trekking is the month of January and February. During the winter season, the Zanskar Lake looks crystal.  You can start your journey from Leh to reach the beautiful Zanskar River. The trek starts from the small village of Chilling. The river begins to freeze from this village. You can arrange north India tour packages to become a witness of this mesmerizing beauty of the river. There are so many tour operators in India who arrange this trip. You can contact any of these India tour operators to arrange your tour.

Safe Trekking

Trekking is a passion for many people. And for others, it is the first time experience. Before taking part in this famous trekking, you need to be aware of all relevant factors. You should gather information about the ice condition. For a safe journey, you should gather knowledge about all important factors. Some precautions need to be taken long before the onset of the trip. Like if you are a trekker then you should see the thickness of the layer of the ice, avoid the slippery ice because that could be very dangerous. Also always be conscious about the sudden cracks on the ice sheet. To prevent such condition, you should consult any experienced expert.

  • It is a long journey, so you need to take rest midway. It is advisable to be a part of a team. You have to set up camps throughout the journey, and your camp should be on the solid ice. As the trekking starts in the winter season, so the temperature drops below the freezing point.
  • ‘Chadar Trek’ is truly a beautiful experience for the trekkers. For the international tourists, this trek could be a part of spending a holiday in India. So prepare yourself to see the beautiful trek in the winter season. Remember, this is a journey so keep all the necessary things with you. Take food, trekking boots, warm clothes, and some recommended medicines obviously.

So you have a great opportunity to explore the beautiful Zanskar River with its mesmerizing beauty in a snow packed wintry atmosphere. Take part and be a lucky person to discover the beauty of nature.

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