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Cycle along the meandering Zuluk Loops

Cycle along the meandering Zuluk Loops

Zuluk is one of the best tourist destinations in India. Zuluk is a part of Sikkim, or you can say a part of East Sikkim. A small village on the lap of nature, Zuluk is famous for the loops. This spot is nearby the Indo-Tibetan border. Throughout the year, many tourists from all over the world come here to explore the mountain view and other surrounding tourist destinations, like-Nathang valley, kupup. Significantly the demand of Zuluk loops is increasing every day due to its geographical importance. The tourism importance of this place is also growing every day. For the outsiders, it is a part of the India holiday package.

About Zuluk Loops

The importance of the Zuluk loops is also increasing because of the beautiful view of the Himalayan mountain range. The highest peak of India, which is Kanchenjunga, can also be seen from this wonderful tourist destination. The best attraction of this place is the loops. One of the best eye-catching views is the serpentine loops of Zuluk. You see the view, and you want to feel the sense of the scenic beauty along the meandering Zuluk loops. Make your trip more interesting by making it one of the best honeymoon destinations.

Arrange permit to get a trip

This place is very special because it touches the Indo-Tibetan border. So you need to make a special permit to travel to the area. You can get it from the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok.

The loops are the most beautiful serpentine roads. It seems that the loop is an example of the mesmerizing art drawn by nature. The travelers or the tourists try to explore plenty of dimensions of that small part of heaven. From the highest peak of Zuluk you can feel the narrow paths as the architectural beauty on earth.

Start your journey

You can start your journey from the capital of Sikkim that is Gangtok. Even you can start your journey from other destinations, such as – Darjeeling, Kalimpong subdivision. If you are a crazy traveler, then you can avail even a cycle to make yourself familiar with every natural part of that place.

Places to visit

You can find several beautiful places to visit while visiting the Zuluk loops.

  • Tukla: This place is a memorable place because of the fight between the British army and the Tibetan soldiers. Today this place has a high importance because of its geographical location.
  • Nathang Valley: It is also a charming destination to visit. But an important fact about it is that the place is located at high altitude.
  • Also, you can visit Memenchu lake, Lungthung. Also, you can visit the wildlife of this place.

So arrange your honeymoon tour to visit the beautiful snow packed parts of the Zuluk loops or make a trip in the summer season to see the surrounding hills flooded with the blooming rhododendron. Be a part of the natural beauty and witness the charm of the flower and feel the joy of a peaceful atmosphere. Zuluk is truly a heaven on earth.

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