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Find eternal peace at Khajjiar

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Human beings are searching for eternal peace. There are very few places where you can find that eternal peace. Khajjiar is one of those places which give you eternal peace. Khajjiar is located in Himachal Pradesh. It is a hill station. You can arrange your North India tour to feel the eye- catching the beauty of Khajjiar. Or you can be part of the north India tour packages from any travel agency to visit this place.

Khajjiar is a popular hill station. It is often said that this place has some resemblance to Switzerland. A beautiful place on earth, Khajjiar is full of mesmerizing natural beauty. You can find very few places like this one which has an exceptional soothing calmness. Khajjiar is located at 6500 feet above the sea level. The pleasant atmosphere and beautiful weather are the most important factors of the place, which make it a place of attraction. Every year tourists from all over the world come here to feel the eternal peace on earth. They can spend their holiday in India to be a part of this place.  

Places to visit

Khajjiar is a place where you can find few temples. These temples are considered as the symbols of the holiness of nature. Not much you can gather information about this holy place. The Khajji Naga Temple is one of the key attractions of this location. While visiting Khajjiar, you can feel the majestic splendor of this place. The lakes are also the part of the key attractions of Khajjiar. Two famous lakes are Khajjiar Lake and Chamera Lake.

  • Khajjiar gives you a chance to walk on the soothing silky green fields, also helps you to explore the mystery of dense forests and makes you a part of the beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks. Even some tourists called this place as the Gulmarg of Himachal Pradesh. For the tourists trekking could be a preferable way to explore the hidden beauty from every nook and corner of that place. Through this trekking, you can also have a glimpse of Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary gives you an exotic view of flora and fauna. In a word Khajjiar is a favorite place for the nature lovers.

Time to visit

Best time to visit the Khajjiar is from March TO October. Remember in Winter season the temperature drops to a freezing point. And the place witnesses heavy snowfall in this season. But in the summer months, the weather is truly enjoyable, as this time mild cold breeze is truly very soothing and comfortable. The people of this place speak the local language, though they are comfortable in Hindi also.

There are several budget hotels to stay at Khajjiar. Also, you can take help from the Himachal Pradesh Tourism operators. Or you can communicate with any India tour operator to visit Khajjiar. This place is also dotted with some luxury resorts. All the resorts help you to discover the beauty of the snow-capped mountain peaks in the early morning and the afternoon. So be a member of that beautiful place to explore the eternal peace of Khajjiar.

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